About Us

Our story

Nausikaa was created in Berlin, Germany, by a skincare expert Dr. Jadranka Cubrilo, PhD in Chemistry, specialized in creating innovative natural and organic cosmetic formulas, and a documentary filmmaker Dr. Dijana Sulic, PhD in Humanities, with a rich experience in the field of ecology and sustainable development. Both are passionate about nature and “Fresh & Slow” beauty!

Our concept

Nausikaa is a luxury organic skincare brand inspired by the natural power of mythical, ancient Mediterranean plant Immortelle (Helichrysum Italicum), used in all our creations. 

Thanks to Immortelles powerful anti-aging effects and the synergy with other highly beneficial natural ingredients in our formulations, we have created a range of innovative, fresh, slow and effective products suitable for all skin types.

Our creations represent a fusion between the ancestral knowledge of autochthonous herbal treasures worldwide and the latest achievements in organic cosmetics.

Nausikaa is based on the principles of sustainability, transparency and fair-trade, and guided by genuine respect for the nature and for each and every individual.  We make unique, original and highly efficient “Fresh & Slow “ cosmetics with the desire to promote a natural, healthy and simple way of using beauty products. 

Nausikaa manufactures all cosmetic products in very small batches and thereby ensures that the products are delivered fresh. Slow cosmetics means only products with a clean, transparent formula and truthful marketing. There is no mass production that would require large quantities of preservatives.

Our philosophy

Nausikaa is guided by the highest ecological, ethical, scientific and personal standards based on sustainability, transparency and fair-trade. We find our inspiration in our roots, but our vision is future oriented. We put the personal and the global wellbeing on the same level! We trust that we can protect and embellish our own skin while protecting and embellishing the nature and the whole planet. 

We abide by the standards of “Clean Beauty”, “Less is More” and “Zero Waste”, with a complete transparency in the raw material base and the production chain.

Our promise

Our commitment is to create innovative, highly effective skincare products, genuinely natural and in harmony with nature, and at the same time perfectly adapted to the needs of every conscious, active, demanding and responsible person.