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Slow is fast

Fresh clean & slow cosmetics - the fastest way to the perfect skin

Fresh = we produce exclusively in small batches and our customers always receive freshly made products.

Slow = no mass production and only products with a clean, transparent formula and truthful marketing.

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  • Sandra K., Berlin


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  • Sandra K., Berlin

    The Mighty facial serum and The Mighty day & night cream have been my absolute favourites since I discovered them two years ago. They have become an essential part of my morning and night beauty routine and the results are simply spectacular! My skin is mature and dry, and can appear dull and tired in winter. Now, it looks fresh and radiant and feels soft, smooth and well nourished all year round.  Fine wrinkles around my eyes and mouth have faded away, my skin is much firmer and I see improvements day after day.

  • Adèle O., Paris

    My best friend gave me The Sublime Ultimate Balance & Purity facial serum as a birthday present, and it was a revelation! I am totally in love with its velvety texture, and I find its sweet marzipan-like smell addictive. Normally, I am not a big fan of facial oils because I find them greasy and heavy. But this one is light and so fast absorbing that I can’t have enough of it. I use it day and night, and after just a month, I can really notice the difference. My skin, which is very sensitive and irritable, now looks so healthy and flawless. I am definitely going to try other NAUSIKAA’s products.  

  • Anne-Aurore M., Brussels 

    It is often so difficult to choose the skin products that really correspond to your needs and your life style. Many cosmetic brands promise miracles and I became tired of trying one product after the other and never being satisfied with the results. I buy exclusively 100 % clean and natural skincare products, but, at the same time, they must be effective. With NAUSIKAA’s products, I can tell that I finally found my brand. As it is produced in very small batches, you can feel how fresh and natural it is. So far I have tried two serums and two creams, and at the moment I am using The Ultimate Lift and Glow Trio. Everyone tells me my skin has an amazing glow it has never had before.

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